Ovation of the Seas Cabin 7618 (2024)

Ovation of the Seas Cabin 7618 (1)Cruisedeckplans

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Ovation of the SeasStateroom Cabin 7618

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Ovation of the Seas Balcony cabin number 7618 ACTUAL videos and/or pictures, floor plans, diagrams and detailed features including a deck image of the actuallocation on the Ovation of the Seas ship for cabin 7618. Cruisedeckplans.com has 61,074 different (staterooms) cabins that have actual cabin pictures and/or cabin videos taken by real cruisers. That is plenty of coverage to provide you with a good samplingof all the different cabins on cruise ships. Take a minute and notice the breadcrumb menu above. This is a quick easy way to navigate ourwebsite. You can also use the menu above for menu items specific to the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship.

Cabin 7618

Stateroom Features

  • Two twin beds that convert to Royal King
  • Sitting area with sofa
  • Full bathroom and private balcony
  • Category SB is a Super Studio with single full size bed for single occupancy - no single supplement required
  • Flat screen television
  • Phone
  • Safe
  • Hairdryer.

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Deck Location

Location of cabin 7618
Found on Deck 7 deck.
Ovation of the Seas Cabin 7618 (3)


Important Information

2C (was D1) balconies range from 55 to 119 square feet. Cabins 6254, 6258, 6654, 6658, 7254, 7258, 7654, 7658 have a chair instead of sofa and are 177 square feet with 82 square feet balconies. Category 1E and 2E (was DO) and 2F (was SB) is obstructed by view of top of lifeboat. Forward category 2E (was DO) on deck 7 and deck 8 is obstructed by steel frame that forms porthole opening. Some cabins have sofa near the balcony and others have bed near the balcony.

Staterooms 6254 6258 6654 and 6658 have obstructed views.

Balcony Typical Floor Plans

Floor plans may not represent actual stateroom. Click to zoom.


Handicap Balcony

Super Studio Balcony

Ovation of the SeasBalcony cabin 7618 pictures

These are some actual stateroom pictures of cabin 7618 on the Ovation of the Seas. Click on images below for larger image and slide show. The slide show will show the date the picture was uploaded toout website. This date is useful because Ovation of the Seas typically will update its cabins every three to five years with new carpeting and decor. We will keep older pictures for you to compare the more recent photos to. The picturesare sorted by the newest ones first. Most of our cabin pictures are contributed by actual cruisers. We pay 50 cents for any that we use. You can upload your cabin photos HERE. Afer you are done looking at these photos and/or the videos below you can click here to select another cabin.

Sorry no pictures. Check out stateroom videos below.

Ovation of the SeasBalcony 7618 cabin videos

Scroll over cabin (stateroom) tiles below to click and watch actual stateroom videos of Ovation of the Seas cabin 7618. You can choose to watch the videos right on this page, or click to watch them on YouTube (will open in new window). When you are done viewing these videos and/or the cabin pictures above, you can click here to select another cabin. The date shown below is the date video was published. Use this to see decor changes. Keep in mind that stateroom cabins are typically updated once every three to five years. To save you time, Cruisedeckplans.com will spend hours every week finding more actual stateroom videos on YouTube.

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Other Stateroom Cabin Categories on Ovation of the Seas

These are all the stateroom cabin categories Ovation of the Seas. You can click on a stateroom category below to go to that page. Categories are simply the way that Royal Caribbean groups the different types of staterooms (cabins). You can see details and floor plans for all of the categories on Ovation of the Seas on this page.

InteriorOceanviewBalconyJunior SuiteJunior Suite Large BalconyGrand Suite - 1 BedroomGrand Suite - 2 BedroomOwners SuiteSky Loft SuiteGrand Loft SuiteOwner Loft SuiteRoyal Loft Suite

Ovation of the Seas Cabin 7618 (2024)


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