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  • Michigan's one-stop login solution for business ... MiLogin for Business connects you to many State of Michigan business services through a single user ID.

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  • Answer general questions you may have about Medicaid benefits. Enroll you in the Medicaid Health Plan you choose. For more information, call Michigan ENROLLS at ...

  • The new plastic ID card for Medicaid, Emergency Medicaid, Childrens Special Health Care Services (CSHCS), and Adult Benefits Waiver (ABW) beneficiaries.

The mihealth card - State of Michigan

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  • Login to the site · On the Home Menu - Select the method for searching in the section “Check for Patient Eligibility” · Fill out a beneficiary's Medicaid ID and/ ...

  • MPHI is now able to accept Real-Time/Batch HIPAA 270/271 transactions from all Providers, Billing Agents, and Clearinghouses registered with CHAMPS. These services are provided on behalf of MDHHS and are available free-of-charge though MI Health Plan Benefits

FAQ - Login - MI Health Plan Benefits

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  • Edit, sign, and share healthcare4mi online. No need to install software, just go to DocHub, and sign up instantly and for free.

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  • Click on the links to directly download the myHealthButton application. Don't forget, you must first register, in order to log into the myHealthButton.

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8. Michigan's New Presumptive Eligibility Application

  • Feb 3, 2014 · ... www.healthcare4mi.com/pe. The full application at www.healthcare4mi ... Log in now. Michigan Primary Care Association · Customize; Subscribe ...

  • By Natasha Robinson, MPCA Program Specialist Many of the workers across the state helping individuals and families access affordable coverage are aware of the changes taking place to Michigan’s med…

Michigan's New Presumptive Eligibility Application


  • When applications do not offer this option, applicants print a “signature page” and mail or fax it to an enrollment office after signing it by hand. This ...

10. How to enroll in Healthy Michigan Plan - UnitedHealthcare

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  • UnitedHealthcare offers Michigan Healthy Michigan Plan plans for Michigan and eligible counties. This plan gives you a choice of doctors and hospitals. Learn about how to enroll.

How to enroll in Healthy Michigan Plan - UnitedHealthcare

11. [PDF] Community Resource Directory - Gratiot County

  • For poverty law and public benefits log on to www.mplp.org. CHILD ADVOCACY. (800) ... www.healthcare4mi.com. Provides health insurance for uninsured children of ...

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  • icon in the error message. Type your username and password again to make sure that they are correct. Deselect the Enabled, and then select it again to try to ...

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13. [DOC] Services for Older Adults - St. Anastasia

  • If you are uninsured or underinsured and not sure of your options, log on to ... Apply online at healthcare4mi.com. MIChild is a low-cost statewide program ...

Www Healthcare4Mi Com Log In (2024)


What is the monthly income limit for Medicaid in Michigan? ›

Income & Asset Limits for Eligibility
2024 Michigan Medicaid Long-Term Care Eligibility for Seniors
Type of MedicaidSingle
Institutional / Nursing Home Medicaid$2,829 / month*$2,000
Medicaid Waivers / Home and Community Based Services$2,829 / month†$2,000
Regular Medicaid / Aged Blind and Disabled$1,255 / month$2,000
1 more row
May 30, 2024

What is the income limit for a healthy Michigan plan? ›

The Healthy Michigan Plan provides health care coverage for individuals who: Are age 19-64 years. Have income at or below 133% of the federal poverty level (approximately $16,000 for a single person and $33,000 for a family of four)

What does Medicaid not cover in Michigan? ›

Although it seems that Medicaid covers practically everything someone needs, it doesn't necessarily provide full coverage. Medicaid does not cover private nursing, for example, nor does it cover services provided by a household member. Also, things like bandages, adult diapers, and other disposables aren't covered.

When can I change my Medicaid plan in Michigan? ›

You have 90 days to switch plans once you're enrolled in a Medicaid health plan. To change to a different health plan, call Michigan Enrolls at 888.367. 6557 (TTY users call 711).

How does a senior qualify for Medicaid in Michigan? ›

Financial Requirements

Michigan residents have to meet an asset limit and an income limit in order to be financially eligible for Aged Blind and Disabled (ABD) Medicaid Medicaid. For a single applicant in 2024, the asset limit is $2,000, which means they must have $2,000 or less in countable assets.

How much can you make in Michigan and still get food stamps? ›

Who is eligible for Michigan Food Assistance Program?
Household Size*Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
4 more rows

What is the difference between the Healthy Michigan Plan and Medicaid? ›

The Healthy Michigan Plan is a type of Medicaid coverage. Medicaid is a partnership between federal and state governments. They work together to provide coverage. The federal government gives rules and resources.

What qualifies as low income in Michigan? ›

low-income household: income of 80% AMI ($50,240) or less. very low-income household: income of 50% AMI ($31,400) or less. extremely low-income household: income of 30% AMI ($18,840) or less.

Which Medicaid plan is best in Michigan? ›

Reasons to choose Priority Health

We are one of the top-rated Medicaid plans in Michigan, with a rating of 4 out of 5 in NCQA's Medicaid Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2022-2023.

What assets are exempt from Medicaid in Michigan? ›

Types of exempt assets in Michigan include:
  • Home: A primary residence, up to $500,000 in equity value, may be exempted.
  • Household and personal belongings: This includes furniture, appliances, jewelry and clothing.
  • Vehicle: One vehicle can be exempted (a car, truck or van).

Can you be on Medicare and Medicaid at the same time in Michigan? ›

This State Profile provides an overview of persons who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid benefits in Michigan, referred to as Medicare-Medicaid enrollees. Medicare-Medicaid enrollees are low-income seniors and people with disabilities.

What is straight Medicaid called in Michigan? ›

Medicaid (also called Medical Assistance, or MA) is health insurance for people with low income. In Michigan, there is traditional Medicaid (TM) and the Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP).

Does Michigan Medicaid pay for glasses? ›

Services relating to low vision are covered for beneficiaries age 21 and older. These services include low vision evaluations, aids (including eyeglasses and contact lenses), and rehabilitative services as outlined in the Medicaid Provider Manual, Vision Chapter, Low Vision Services Section.

Do I have to reapply for Medicaid every year in Michigan? ›

Most people need to reapply for Michigan Medicaid every year.

How long does Medicaid last in Michigan? ›

Medicaid enrollees in Michigan had not been required to reapply for coverage for three years after annual renewals were paused during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that changed when Congress in late 2022 passed legislation that ended continuous enrollment on March 31, 2023.

What's the difference between Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan? ›

The Healthy Michigan Plan is a type of Medicaid coverage. Medicaid is a partnership between federal and state governments. They work together to provide coverage. The federal government gives rules and resources.

What income is the poverty level in Michigan? ›

For an individual living alone, the 2022 threshold was $14,880 — 8 percent higher than the $13,788 threshold in 2021. For a family of four with two kids under 18, the threshold was $29,678, also up 8 percent from $27,479.

Which state has the highest income limit for Medicaid? ›

The state with the highest Medicaid income limit is Alaska, where households of eight people must have a maximum income of less than $77,526.


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